It is Impossible for Meat Lovers Around the World to Not Know Smithfield Foods


If you are a fan of pork food products then, you should be familiar with Smithfield Foods. It is a global company that is considered the largest producer of processed pork food products. This multi-billion company is based in Smithfield, Virginia. Smithfield Foods is a trusted name when it comes to processed pork meat that are sold under various brands like Carando and Healthy Ones. This company is committed to producing food using the most responsible approach. The company practices  healthy animal care. They also have various initiatives to show their corporate social responsibilities. They also have outstanding employee safety, health and environment safety practices.

The first Smithfield Packing Company opening in Smithfield, Virginia in 1936. Joseph W. Luter, Sr. and Joseph W. Luter, Jr his son started their plant for meatpacking in the site where American Peanut Corporation formerly stood. As early as the 1700s the company has already earned a solid reputation for producing specialty meat products such as hams. And by 1926, the Virginia General Assembly had established rules that say that the Smithfield Ham should only be strictly produced within Smithfield, Virginia. In 2015 the company achieved companywide sales of $14.4 Billion. As of today, the company has about 52,000 employees. And more than 3,000 around the world enjoy smithfield foods products.

But what truly sets Smithfield Foods apart from other food producing companies? Their leadership team are experts in creating value. And with a good management team, the company is able to maintain its greatest asset–the best employees. Having said that, no wonder this company is recognized among the world leaders when it comes to consumer packaged meats. For more details about pig farming, visit

The company is also a guaranteed best supplier of sustainable meat products. They have earned various awards and recognition from various food authorities. For one, in 2015, Smithfield Foods was awarded by Safety National its prestigious Safety First Grant Program. Also in 2016, the company has also earned a total of 88 awards from the North American Meat Institute or NAMI for short. There are many more. In 2015, an organization known as Ceres named Smithfield Foods as the No. 1 among competing meat companies when it comes to water management.

And this global company is in China. There is a China-owned Smithfield Foods company that continues to produce the celebrated Smithfield products in the country. To find out who owns smithfield foods in China, click here.


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