Smithfield Foods: What to Look for in Pork Products



Pork is widely consumed worldwide and there are different pork products sold in the market today such as processed meats (sausage, burger, bacon, hot dog, salami, ham, etc.). Smithfield is the largest pork producer worldwide delivering different pork products to meet customer requirements and specifications domestically and internationally. With Smithfield’s vertical integration, high-quality is sustained, supply is consistent, and raw material is traceable, making a huge difference from other pork product sources, and having a unique selling stand point.

In the export market, it is important to have ractopamine-free pork to promote health and safety along with the right meat packaging to supply and satisfy end-users with their ever-changing consumer needs. Smithfield pork products are enjoyed by millions of families every year from the sausage or bacon sizzling on your stove to your favorite lunchmeat, hot dog, or ham. In the United States, Smithfield is the number one producer of packaged pork products and we derive our success from our good reputation, great taste, and reasonable prices. Smithfield food products include deli meat, bacon, dry sausage, hot dog, lunch meat, marinated pork, smoked sausage, breakfast sausage, BBQ, and prepared foods.

Bacon is a great addition to eggs and fries, considered a classic kid favorite. Barbecue is a smart choice with its smoky and lip-smacking goodness, making it a crowd favorite. A breakfast sausage is perfect alongside with scrambled eggs, pancakes, or your breakfast casserole. Smoked sausage is easy to prepare, grill it or put it in the oven, giving a smoky flavor and a great complement to your plate, bun, or anything in between. Deli meat is a perfect appetizer along with cheeses and your favorite meats. No one can resist Smithfield’s smoked ham whether glazed, boneless, or spiral sliced. If you’re making pizza, our salami and pepperoni will make it stand out along with your cheese and other pizza ingredients.  Check out to gain more info about pork foods.

Indeed, nothing can beat Smithfield food products. If you are looking for superior quality meat products for your restaurant business or home use, feel free to visit Smithfield’s website or homepage to get more details! Smithfield is the leading pork product producer in the United States, consumed by millions of families not only in the US but also in other countries. With Smithfield pork products, safety and cleanliness are guaranteed, using only acceptable ingredients to preserve packaged meats without compromising health. Smithfield has its own name bearing excellence and credibility with its 13 core partner brands worldwide.


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